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”P” is for Power

p200”P” is for Power: PMA establishes the mark of interoperability

Every industry sets standards for making its market work coherently and efficiently. It’s a sign that vendors across a competitive landscape recognize the need for manufacturing products and providing services that adhere to certain benchmarks of quality and compatibility across all links in the delivery chain: my nut fits your bolt.

And when it comes to the emerging wireless charging landscape for mobile computing devices, the symbols are clear: Two perpendicular rings forming a dynamic ‘Electron P’, surrounded by one circle of power; the PMA’s mark of interoperability.

A guarantee of standards-based quality, the PMA mark of interoperability (MOI) is widely used by every industry and company that adopts the PMA standards and platform. It’s a sure sign to consumers that they are about to enter an area where seamless wireless charging of their tablet or mobile phone is just a hot spot away.

The ecosystem of prominent public places where free wireless charging is made available through PMA-compliant equipment is consistently expanding. Look for the PMA mark of interoperability in Starbucks coffee-shops, Regis Hair Salons, Delta Airlines terminals, Madison Square Garden, the new Barclays Center in downtown Brooklyn, Westfield Garden State Plaza Hotel – and many more popular venues that highlight the vast lifestyle enhancement potential of the PMA agenda.

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