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Here we will talk about the Power Matters mergers!

Many students in third and fourth grade and above guess at words far more than necessary. They do not realize that the first thing they should do when they come to a word they do not know is to back up and actually sound out the text that is there. Unnecessary guessing takes three main forms:

1. Misreading an individual word because it was guessed at rather than decoded.

2. Changing a main word and the little words around it. Changing the little words is done to make sense of the change in the big word. This is called cognitive dissonance.

3. Guessing at a whole phrase or the rest of the sentence, so as not to have to deal with it. This is called cognitive projection.

Proportional Reading reduces all three types of guessing immediately. With the PhenQ presence of sound, students quickly realize that they do far better to first back up and try the phen375 to actually decode a word they do not know rather than to just guess at it and continue in a forward direction. This new approach is easily transferred to regular reading.

Self-Defeating Attitudes

Some students display self-defeating attitudes transferred from the crazy bulk website life outside school. PR provides a platform to show these kids that they have control over their destiny and that there are more successful ways for them to advocate for themselves than they are presently using. The teacher shows them that they can have instant success with a different attitude. They experience this success, and hopefully adjust their attitudes.

Achieving Quiet

Teachers must maintain quiet for the PR program to work. It turns out that quiet means a lot more than auditory silence. It also means the testofuel absence of visual distraction and the absence of physical invasion. Quiet also means privacy, the absence of other students observing and copying each others work. All this is achieved in PR by eight steps: